Worldwide Communication

I’m still not quite sure what day it is in Cambodia, much less back in South Carolina and Louisiana. But I’m starting to grasp the time difference. While I’m rising with the sun, my friends and family are eating dinner and getting ready for bed.

Sunrise from my hotel room window.

Sunrise from my hotel room window.

As my mother said via Facebook message after figuring out our differing times, “The world and sun and moon are freaking amazing!”

Thanks to abundant WiFi, my phone, and the free time I have right now, communication is possible, however weird. I fielded a drunk call yesterday afternoon and talked a friend through walking home from the bar after spending a morning wilting under glaring sunlight.

I’ve also been able to speak to my father from the Bangkok airport, email my grandparents from my hotel room and receive and give counsel from friends through Facebook message over breakfast.

I have a GroupMe with my high school friends from Greenville, and one of them is studying abroad in Switzerland, which means that while I’m talking about lunch, she’s talking about dinner and everyone in the U.S. is at a bar.

It will take some getting used to, just like everything else that comes with moving halfway across the world.

For the past few days I’ve wondered quite a bit about what I think I’m doing, traveling somewhere I know practically nothing about and planning to live there.

Maybe it’s because I’m at my most awake when my body thinks it should be 2 a.m. and all my late night thoughts have been pushed into the cold light of day.

It was a mixture of walking around in awe of a completely new city and telling friends about what I was doing without grasping it myself that reminded me.

We’ve all got our own paths, and no matter how this one goes for me, through the magic of technology, my favorite advisers remain at my fingertips, and I at theirs. Traveling the world isn’t as intimidating as even just 10 years ago.

I need to take a lesson from the tuk tuk drivers congregated on every street corner and take a nap in the driver’s seat. Everything doesn’t deserve constant over analysis.

Things happen because we choose them, and then they fall into place from there. Class starts Monday, and I couldn’t be more excited to begin learning about what I’ll spend at least the next year of my life doing.


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